Monday, January 11, 2016

Having So Much Fun!

 The Temple! 

:) I am doing well. It was hard at first to leave all the people that I love and leave sister McClure, but  I am a sister Training leader so I get to go on exchanges and stuff with her! I go on exchanges with the sisters and help them feel good about themselves and help them with challenges that they may be having. 

My companion is sister Israelsen. She is the sweetest person I have ever met! We are just perfect for each other. She doesn't watch pg13 movies and we just have so much fun! We have seen some great miracles and the Lord has blessed us with 2 new investigators. It was hard at first because they are teaching really no one... until this week! 

Us in the car. it was like we were one happy family :)

Our ride got us flowers and chocolate! He was so sweet. First guy to ever buy me flowers other than my dad :)

 Having SO much fun! It is great!

 Random rake in the middle of the road.

My first exchange. She is a angel!

My Second exchange. I got to go to Templeton! I was so happy! This sister is great! I love her!

-Sister Scoresby

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