Monday, July 6, 2015

Hi, Hi, Hi! (Email from Sister Scoresby June 29th)

Hey mom! Life is good! It's so good to hear about home! Is my trumpet vine over yet? We will get those deer next year! :) Here is like night and day compared to Dos Ventos. I love my companions. Life is good.  I don't want to drive but I most likely will soon. Another thing is that a lot of the sisters are leaving because the wave is going down. In 4 transfers I will be the second oldest on the mission! That is crazy! I will most likely train. I'm learning to do better!

Area- We had several investigators attend church. We were doing a musical number and so we invited everyone that we could and we had several come! It was really great. A less active who hasn't been to church for several years. We were proud of our ward for welcoming them all and being kind and friendly. We are going through the ward list and we are finding so many that are moved. We are trying to build more unity with the ward and help them to reach out and be friends with others. We are working hard and we had a powerful lesson with our investigator Ellie this week. She isn't afraid to ask questions and she is really interested. She can see a change in herself and is excited about it! We are excited for her.

Companions- I love them! We are really doing great together! we are able to teach so well and so naturally and we are a great fit! We get along really well and they are just such a support! 
Sister Beatty is such a great listener and she really loves the people that we teach! She makes people happy and she has a great attitude and is very genuine!

Sister Coombs- She has a great knowledge about the gospel and is great at doing what she is set out to do, even if it's not comfortable for her. She is completely obedient and focused!

Testimony- As the transfer is getting closer to the end I've been thinking a lot about my time here on my mission. At the beginning it felt like I had forever to go and now in a few weeks I will be half way through my mission. I'm excited to be with my family again but I love this work so much and these people and seeing changes in the lives of others and myself. I got an email from my cousin who has been out a year and she is in love with her mission and she was talking about how short it is. It is so short and it goes by so very fast but we learn so much in this short time! I am grateful that we have this and we can have this time of being so close to the Lord and spending all our efforts on serving him! I really love this gospel and I want to use every day I have as He would have me!

Service- We have so much! I love it! It's amazing how you feel when you help people who really need it! There are some people who are so grateful! I loved helping Lys this week. It also feeds me as well as we help others, especially if it's getting in the garden because I'm such a country girl! 
 I really love this mission and I am doing so well!

-Sister Scoresby