Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Zone Activity

Yesterday was Santa Barbara and Ventura zone activity at the Arroyo Verde Park in Ventura.  The forecast all week had been rain for Friday.  We really wanted to be able to do the hike and enjoy being outside.  There were a couple of down pours on Thursday.  The question was do we have faith or do we prepare for being inside the stake center?  Our prayers were answered in that it did not rain and it was a beautiful day. We focused on being led by the Spirit. One companion told the blindfolded companion where to walk to avoid obstacles. The companions had to work in unity in navigating the trail with one blindfolded and their legs tied together.
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Sister James and another sister had a tough time helping me up the trail! I was the one blindfolded. It was really fun, but we weren't allowed to touch each other other than the ankles. It was tough and dangerous because it was over rocks and drop-offs.

-Sister Scoresby

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