Monday, March 30, 2015

Hot and Cool all at once :)

 Beautiful California
Man it's 95 here and getting hotter!

 In South America they have dogs in California we have cats because we are so cool like that :)

-Sister Scoresby


Monday, March 23, 2015

A Great Busy Week

Area- We are really enjoying it here. The people are friendly and the ward is great. We are trying to help them be more involved and get them out on lessons with us. It's been working. We have been getting more referrals and have a lot of appointments set up for this week. We are going to be busy, just how I like it. Our investigators and learning and one is really doing great. His name is Ted and he can hardly put the Book Of Mormon down. I love teaching with Him and helping someone who is hungry to learn, but the sad thing is that he is moving. I know that he will get baptized though. He already knows that is is true!

Companion- We are working well together. We really teach well together and the work is going forth. We have the same vision for the work and so it's easy to work together. We have fun while we work hard and we are learning from each other and it's a great experience!

Testimony- This is such a great time to be a missionary! The work is going forth and I can feel the hastening. I've learned so much the the 5 months that I've been out that I hardly don't know my old self. The Atonement is real. I'm  a living witness of that! I have changed so much in such a short time and I love myself so much more because of it!

Service- There is no shortage of it here in Ojai. The people here are humble and are willing to let us help. We helped a lady move, we organized boxes, pulled weeds and much more! It was a great week and I love the way that it softens hearts!

-Sister Scoresby

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fun with a New Sister

Well, the work is rolling forward here and we have a full week! I love it! I love being a missionary and I have a great new companion! Her name is sister James! We are trying to figure out our new area and it's huge! We teach this really funny 81 year old. She goes out and yells at the speeders who drive by. She is such a little spit fire and she makes me laugh. She has a color for every day of the week and we caught her on Wednesday (Yellow) she had sunflower overalls and a lot of peace bracelets and necklaces. She is so funny!
  We were looking all over for this lady's house for dinner and we were so late! 30 minutes late! When we finally got there her address wasn't there so we had to call her, couldn't understand her because she speaks Spanish the best finally we talked with her son and found the place and she wasn't feeling well and so she sent us with food. So it was so strange so we ate our dinner together in our car. Every day has something really strange happen :)
Companion- She is really great! We are still getting to know each other but it's going. The area is huge and it's a little stressful to try and find our way around but it's getting there. We are staying busy and we are so grateful for that! She is a lot quieter than I am in sharing feelings and that's okay. We really teach well together and the spirit is always felt. We have a nice balance in teaching! We talked in sacrament meeting and I think it helped gain a lot of trust from the ward. She is super cute and really spiritual. I actually she is really calm and collected. I like that a lot :) 

  I love it. I am in a hippie artsy town with a lot of spirit. :) They are really funny though. we will be walking and someone yells out "You're beautiful" and we just have to laugh. Our ward is full of older people and they all have lifelong stories that they love to share. Everyone has their quirks. It feels actually a lot like home. Very back woodsy. Totally different compared to Dois Vientos.  Hair is pulled back fast with a lot of loose ends, old beat-up trucks, hand me downs and the roads are bumpy. They are really strong believers of nature. You can get put in jail if you cut down a oak tree so we have trees in the road! I know! It's crazy! You're driving and all of a sudden there is a tree right in the middle of the road. They just go around them. :)  Well the work is rolling forward here and we have a full week! I love it! I love being a missionary and I have a great new companion! Her name is sister James! We are trying to figure out our new area and it's huge!

 Our apartment is actually really nice. They only thing I don't like about it is that every time I take a shower I remember how tall I am. I feel like I have to do crunches to get all my hair wet. :) The heat is really high. This week it was 95 and man I felt it. At night we have the fan going so we can sleep better.

Area- It's a great place. I'm actually really in love with it. The people are a little different but they are humble. We have a lot of appointments this week. We really want to focus on strengthening the ward and helping them to get excited about the work. They seem to be a little discouraged because they haven't seen a baptism for quite some time but we are working hard and gaining trust and meeting as many members as we can. We had some great lessons this week with members present and  we are really excited about Shirley. She is deaf and we teach her with a member that can sign for us. Shirley wants to be baptized by her husband and he is working on getting the priesthood. He seems to be doing well and we love teaching them both. We have an investigator who struggles with his language. Usually a bad word every now and then. It's tolerable, but it's way over the top and we don't want to offend him (he gets very offended very quickly) but it's really hard on the spirit. We are very grateful to be serving here and are excited to continue.

Testimony- I know that this is His work. I have really gained a testimony that everyone needs Him and His gospel. The members that are strong and not so strong, the investigators and the people around us. We need to be there for all of them and they all need that light and that love and that power. This is a great place and I know that the spirit is powerful!

Service- We were able to feed the homeless this week with our ward and it was such a great experience. We said the prayer and they were all so grateful and really nice. It was a really big testimony builder to me that the Lord looks at the heart and not on the outside. We are all beautiful children of God. 

I am having so much fun! I love my new companion and it is great!

-Sister Scoresby
us eating dinner in the car

My First Sister Training leader who was going home.