Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This Week....

Area- Honestly it was a bit of a hard week. We are trying to find a balance between working with the members and finding people to teach.We've tried both extremes and track pretty much the whole day and then tried to work with members and set some things up and visit them and contact less active and both seemed to be getting us no where. It's a rough patch but we are working through it. We are also working on how we can be more productive with our time and find people to teach and to share. I feel as we work with the members this mission is going to explode. We have so many promising potentials from the members. If we can work with them in being confident then the work is going to go forth at such a rapid pace. It does take more effort and is a little slower at seeing immediate results.

Companion- She is so great and I have become so much more confident because of her. We love working together and we have found a balanced way of teaching lessons and It's really great! She has such a knowledge of the scriptures and she uses the power that they bring. We love each other and she is just awesome!

Testimony- I know that even when life is hard and when the work seems slower than you would like it to be, you get up and keep going and find what the Lord wants you to learn from this experience. I am really growing to love my mission. I get more excited about it every day. It is amazing how much the atonement can take away from our weaknesses! I love this gospel!
I am learning from my companion to be able to go up and talk to people with no fear, to use my scriptures more, to know them more and to use them more! I love her! We have a lot of fun together!

Sorry, I didn't have any pictures this week!

 -Sister Scoresby

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