Monday, February 23, 2015

The Four Month Mark!

Washing a dog for service

I have changed so much this week. I have grown and learned so much from this transfer. Guess what? I hit my 4 month mark. I can't believe it! I'm starting to love it and I don't want it to end. Even though it's hard. I am tempted to compare myself with others and other missions and their success a lot.  I am starting to just ask the Lord at night if I have done what he needed me to do and If I have then it was enough.

 We had a great Zone conference! There was a huge focus on our image to members now that we need their trust more than ever, so we learned about etiquette!  I'm going to blow Ohio away with my table manners and how you should address yourself and others and all this other stuff. I just love my savior and we studied the Living Christ which I am memorizing! I love you all and I hope you are all preparing for General Conference! I'm so Excited! 

Some investigators gave us these shoes 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Great Day with the Newbury Park Missionaries

We had a great day with the Newbury Park missionaries.  
We took pictures and we ate a meal together.

 I am having a great time. Can you tell?

I am in the back. Can you see me?

Theses pictures come from
 What a great group! I am having a wonderful time time!

-Sister Scoresby

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

 The Greatest Day Ever!
My parents sent us flowers and we had so much fun!

We heart attacked all of our investigators houses for Valentines Day. 
We had fun bombing.

These bushes were so funny! One looks like a rabbit. We just had to get a picture.

We were giving out cup cakes and we dropped some... but we gave them away anyway. :)
They said they were good. We almost laughed.:) This was my favorite picture of myself!
Rocking the name tag!

 I am having a lot of fun with Sister Dearden!

 We went on a hike as a district.

It is so beautiful.

Some of the Elders Had too much fun.

-Sister Scoresby

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This Week....

Area- Honestly it was a bit of a hard week. We are trying to find a balance between working with the members and finding people to teach.We've tried both extremes and track pretty much the whole day and then tried to work with members and set some things up and visit them and contact less active and both seemed to be getting us no where. It's a rough patch but we are working through it. We are also working on how we can be more productive with our time and find people to teach and to share. I feel as we work with the members this mission is going to explode. We have so many promising potentials from the members. If we can work with them in being confident then the work is going to go forth at such a rapid pace. It does take more effort and is a little slower at seeing immediate results.

Companion- She is so great and I have become so much more confident because of her. We love working together and we have found a balanced way of teaching lessons and It's really great! She has such a knowledge of the scriptures and she uses the power that they bring. We love each other and she is just awesome!

Testimony- I know that even when life is hard and when the work seems slower than you would like it to be, you get up and keep going and find what the Lord wants you to learn from this experience. I am really growing to love my mission. I get more excited about it every day. It is amazing how much the atonement can take away from our weaknesses! I love this gospel!
I am learning from my companion to be able to go up and talk to people with no fear, to use my scriptures more, to know them more and to use them more! I love her! We have a lot of fun together!

Sorry, I didn't have any pictures this week!

 -Sister Scoresby

Friday, February 6, 2015

Saying Good-Bye To A Sister

Siser Cox left this week! I miss her.
My new companion's name is Sister Dearden.
  She is good at decision making. She doesn't get offended at all and she askes me all the time what she can do better. I love her. We get sick of what we wear. It's a nice breather to have something new with Sister Dearden. Shoes are holding. It's been a lot of fun!

  She has fun with everyone and she loves to talk. :) she is really sweet and loves the gospel. She can't sit still for very long and is addicted to physical activity. She is ready with a hug right when you need it and can be a great listener too! She loves to work hard and talk to EVERYONE! it's helped me get out of my shell. 

Zone Leaders (responsible)

Zone leaders relaxing :)

 Transfers. I had to say good-bye to Sister Cox this week! 

Transfers again. Can you see me?

Well it's been an interesting week. A lot has bean expected of me since I know the area. My new companion doesn't so I have to remember names, dates, roads, where to go
 and when, but it's getting better and I am learning a lot.

These are pictures of us playing pool for Zone activity.
 We had a lady with a Mohawk get upset at us and it was a little crazy. She actually invited us in and then when she realized that we were Mormon she got upset and we were standing there in her house and it was just so awkward. :) we left on a good note by asking her about her family.

We were at a billionaires home this week. They had a swimming pole inside a cave, with waterfalls and everything. Several actually. I liked how many there were! Look closely at the top picture. You can see their balconies, couches, and path ways. Their house is amazing!

 These are the sisters that are leaving.

Sister Cox leaving. :(

   Sister Dearden is good at decision making. She doesn't get offended at all and she asks me all the time what she can do better. I love her. we get sick of what we were. It's a nice breather to have something new with Sister Dearden. Shoes are holding it's bean a lot of fun! I will talk to you all later! I like how may there were! 

-Sister Scorsesby