Sunday, January 18, 2015

Best Week EVER!!!!

 Our area is improving! We are so excited to be working with the members and getting people at lessons. Our bishop is amazing and it will be hard to see him go. We had two of our investigators at church and it was such a sweet experience! (One left right after but the other one really likes it. She's come now 3 times!)  They are so great and we are excited to see there progression! We are working hard and love the work! I am so excited about the new Key indicators! They are truly inspired! I really am very excited about them! This is the way missionary work should be done, through members!

OUR bishop is called as a mission president! Isn't that crazy! Their family is so wonderful and I just love them! He said that we were one of the best missionaries this ward has ever had!  I  got to talk this week with Elder Evens! He is head of the mission department and is one of the 70! He is so great!

Testimony- I know that this Church is not made by man and that even when others do not want to listen I can still smile and be confident in myself because of my testimony! I love this gospel and I promise to live my life by it. Not for a month and not for a year but for my whole life!

 Sister Cox and I are going to shop for a curling iron next week! I'm excited!
My Companion works so hard and is taking advantage of the time that she has.

 Exchanges- I love Sister Arnt! She is amazing and has such a great powerful talent in teaching! I learned a lot from her! We set a goal for this Transfer to have two feet in. I feel like a goal that I need to apply is that I need to be more concerned about others than myself and should think of them. So now when I begin to worry or think about myself I'm going to think of someone that I can help and plan on how I'm going to do that for them. I love this work and I love the people!

 Two progressing investigators! Two people at church!

 Best WEEK EVER!!!!

-Sister Scoresby

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