Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Wonderful Mission

 Our investigators are doing so well! We just love the members and they are really picking up on helping us missionaries. We had so many people offer to have lessons at there homes, give rides, fellowship, come out with us and much more. I just love it! I'm a little scared that I wont be able to remember everything that I have to do in the week but Sister Cox helped me get it all down in my planner so it should be okay. We are working hard and finding people. There is work to do everywhere we go. There is so much power in including members. I love it. We have a few people that we are excited to start teaching and get them going as well. 

 Testimony- As companions we have bean sharing our testimony with each other more and it's really had an influence on mine. I feel so much power and even when I am told over and over that I'm crazy etc. I can still stand and say that I know! I know because I have gone and done what has has bean asked to be able to have a sure knowledge of these things. If ye do His will ye shall know of the Doctrine. I know this is true and I love it! 

Service- We really did a lot this week. We have been pushing this for so long and now it's finally starting to roll! We helped a woman this week we sanded one of her desks down. She came out and we were able to talk with her about the church. She goes to a different church and she was talking about how easy it is to pray for someone and that's what her church does for her but action speaks louder than words and she loves that about our church and how thankful she was to us! We invited her to church and she said that she would come but her mom wasn't feeling well so it didn't work this week. Maybe next week! We are super excited! 

 Companion- She is the best thing that I have out here. I just love her so much and wish that I could have her forever. I just have been given so much from her and the support and love is what has helped me get through some rough places. I know that she will continue to serve wherever she is placed! 

-Sister Scoresby

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