Monday, December 21, 2015

Life is Great

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I am excited to call my family for christmas! It's going to be strange knowing that is will be our last one. Life is so great right now as a missionary! I really am loving it!

-Sister Scoresby

Friday, December 18, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

:) the new look :) sister McClure did my make up :)

gotta love Christmas!

we made a ginger bread house!

-Sister Scoresby

Monday, November 23, 2015

Smiling for Hours

We went up to a church high up on a hill surrounded by grape vines. It was super cool! We had a lesson with one of our investigator and she is pretty sure that she wants to be baptized! it's the best!  The spirit was so strong I couldn't stop smiling for hours :)

 Here is a close-up.
Me with my awesome companion!

-Sister Scoresby

Friday, November 13, 2015

Training New Missionaries

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We are eating with the new missionaries that just came out. One of my new callings is to train! So much fun.

-Sister Scoresby

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Autumn Training and Learning

 This is the sister I am training! I'm learning alongside her. She is super awesome and it's been one of the most learning experiences of my mission. She is great!

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Here I am with my new companion and two other sisters. It is going to be great serving with her!

 -Sister Scoresby

Monday, October 26, 2015

California & The Temple .... Spell it H-E-A-V-E-N

 I am here in Beautiful California, serving the Lord, in front of a beautiful temple. What a good place to be! I am blessed.

-Sister Scoresby

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Guess what.... I'M TRAINING!!!!! I am so scared and it's going to be so intense! I'm driving now and, man, it was a bit stressful but it's getting a little fun.

 I cut my hair! Well, not like this. I put it up under the hat. :P

 -Sister Scoresby

Monday, September 21, 2015

Zone Conference

Hello Everyone! I am great. This is Zone Conference.

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My zone!

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Sisters in Zion

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Happy Birthday to Me! I am twenty!

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Looking through scarves

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-Sister Scoresby

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Looking For a House

Hello Everyone!

We were looking for a house that the elders had given us to find.
It was no where to be found. We found it later but we were laughing at where we ended up. :) 

-Sister Scoresby

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Emails from Sister Scoresby

Area- It is really going well. I am so grateful to be here in this part of the mission. Janice is doing well. The sisters taught her on Tuesday at Lisa's house and they said it went really well. She is so great and we are excited for her. Elli is another one of our investigators and she plans to come to church hopefully next week. We feel the spirit so strong and when we had our lesson on Saturday it was so amazing. She said this week "Say I get baptized" she coming along! We found a less active who said that she had been thinking about coming back to church and she said that she would come! We are planning on visiting with her. She hasn't come for quite some time. The Lord is so great!

Testimony- I know that this gospel can soften peoples hearts and help them draw closer to Christ and can bless them in all areas of there life! I love this mission and the more I'm here the more I love it!

Service- We were able to help a lady move into her home and it was really great! We also helped garden and I love doing anything farm related. I'm a country girl! I love getting dirty! I love doing service and I am so grateful that we have a lot to do here in Ojai!

 I can see this mission really growing. I will remain faithful everyday of my life! I will always remain Temple worthy!
I just love being a missionary! I am at a point were I am addicted to talking about the gospel. It's wearing for me if the conversation isn't gospel related! I have to force myself to think of things to say that aren't that important. :) it was an amazing week and I'm really excited for Ellie! She is just great! I love you so much mommy! I love you and I can't wait to be with you again ... but at the same time I don't ever want to leave this. I wish I could have it all!
I loved exchanges this week! I met another kindred spirit! Love her so much! 

I am doing great! I've realized something even more strongly this week. I am different. :)big surprise!  I am good at helping others feel interested in but they don't always return the favor but that is okay. I am learning to show love in all languages! I love you and I missed watching the fire works with my family but next year we can have fun! Next week I will tell you what is happening with me if I am staying or not!

President's email
[Area- it is great! We are really trying to get to know everyone on the ward list and are finding people have moved several years ago. Our focus has been on getting the ward to be more involved and we had a sister have us and her friend over and it went to so well. She is reading the Book of Mormon and she understands it too. We should be doing service for her this week. We are excited for our lesson with you and Janice. She defended the church last week when her friend started bashing it to her. She is amazing. I love this area. Sometimes it's hard when people cancel a lot and I sometimes feel like things aren't moving very fast but I need to be patient. We have high hopes for this week!

Sister Beatty- She is so fun and she makes our investigators laugh and people feel relaxed with her. She is very genuine and has a way of connecting with people. She loves to help people. When others are sad it hurts her and she want to make it better for them at all possible.

Sister Coombs- She is so organized and on top of things and is ready to do what ever she needs to to make the work happen. She doesn't like to talk to people on the street and yet she does it anyway and pushes herself out of her comfort zone because she knows that that is what is needed!

I love them both. I feel sometimes that they don't understand me. But who does? only my Savior really understands me and really knows who I am. I am grateful for his strength!

Testimony- I love the Book of Mormon! It has such a power and you can find all your answers in it! I love it so much and I enjoy reading it like I never really have before! It changes people and if we can only get others to open it up the power that comes is amazing! It is wonderful!

Service- we helped a lot of people this week. We walked a dog for someone who really needed it and there is such a difference when helping someone who really actually needs it then someone who is trying to get free labor or something. She honestly couldn't do it herself and being able to do that for her gave me a sweet feeling inside that I had lifted someone that day. We also helped a lady clean her house who could hardly walk and she actually gave us a phone call later and said how grateful she was to us. I think she is an angel! 

-Sister Scoresby... The country sister! :)]

Saying good bye to Liz.
  I'm going to the top! All the way to Templeton. I am going to be white washing again! Man President Felix likes to have me white wash. Go into a area and clean it up. So that is what I'm doing. My new companion is Sister Woodland and she is going home in November.  It's going to be fun but It's hard leaving this great area! This is where I found Sister Scoresby! I really loved these people. Well off to find some more to love!

-Sister Scoresby

The mission is great!!!!! I am really starting to love it a lot! I l really love the work and the people. we have a great week a head of us! we cut up a tree for service this week and i showed them a mormish hard working job! O YA! It's going great! I am being transferred! So sad :( but exciting at the same time! I'm just going to miss these people here so much!



Having fun while serving
  -Sister Scoresby :)