Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Day: 61 Degrees and Sunny

 Californians love their Christmas!

 Here is my Christmas Tree

And here it is with a whole lot more presents! 
Thanks for the packages everyone! 

 We got many packages. All of them made our day!

Our new district!

 We went out to eat with some of my companion's friends that she taught! They were so sweet and kind!

 Here we are, A pair of awesome missionaries!

 We were able to participate in a clothes drive this week at one of our schools. So many members
showed up and we made some great contacts and the woman that was in charge was so impressed.  We had a really great experience! We also helped a part member family move into our ward. The husband who is not a member is becoming more comfortable with us every time we see him and the service really helped! It's really great! We are helping so many people! I love it!!!!

Out with Sister Cox tracting!!

We had to drop some people this week and it was kind of hard. I really wish that they would have
 kept there commitments! But Sister Cox has helped me see that it shows faith and that we will find those that are ready to come. We are seeing this area come alive. The ward is getting involved. They are bringing their friends to church, sharing "He is the Gift", Inviting there friends to activities and doing service projects with us. It's very exciting! We can see so many that are being prepared.

 Sister Cox's mom sent us these wraps! We have to much fun!

 My companion is amazing! I love her so much! We get along so well and help each other in every way that we can. She is such an example. We are strong where the other is weak and so we help each other to do the work that needs to be done. I love her dearly and I have grown so much because of her! She is an exactly obedient missionary!

 This is me and some adorable bunnies!

What a beautiful time of the year! I love my savior so much!  I was having a hard night and we prayed and I've come to know that our Heavenly Father doesn't just answer the prayers of those that we teach. He loves us just as much. Everyone we talked to was so nice and so friendly. The spirit told me what to say and it just went so well. I loved it and I feel so grateful to my savior for helping me!  We even ran into someone from Ohio and it was such a tender mercy because we were able to connect and I didn't feel alone but felt so loved. The church is true! No one can tell me otherwise and have me believe it! Life as a missionary is amazing!

 -Sister Scoresby

Monday, December 8, 2014

Work and Play

This is us on our daily jog! We have some cool trails that we take and if it's clear you can see the ocean!

Me and my companion!:)

By this picture you should see how beautiful it is out here. California has lots of pom trees as you can see in the back of the picture.

We made baby blankets for service! And they are so cute! In the back round you can see the Christmas tree that my family sent us. We had lots of fun Decorating! In front of the tree is the Nativity that they sent us. It is the three wise men, Mary, Joesph and Baby Jesus. No shepherds.

I am having fun! Just look at this picture! We were out at night in the rain and we were pretending we were Robin hood and little John! We laughed until it hurt!

-Sister Scoresby

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Packages and Love From and For Home

I got a Christmas  package from my family AND IT MADE MY DAY!!!!!,
There was drawings, a Christmas tree, (a small one) decorations, notes, and many other things. I love you family!
In the post in the post Cute and Abominable I took a picture with a silver car.
 It was one of our investigator's. He also has a mustang and a motorcycle and he's in his 80's. He's funny.
-Sister Scoresby