Thursday, November 13, 2014

Finally in the Field

I am staying in the cutest little house and I just love it. I should have taken pictures to show you but I didn't. Sorry. Next week you will get the works!!!  It's a little cottage and really only one room but it's like a little dream house. We live with a member pretty much because it's in their yard and just so beautiful! We even have a little waterfall.

               (Note from editor: This is a Google maps picture. I included this picture for Sister Scoresby's blog.
 These messages are clips from emails that we receive.)

Mission Logo
I was in a play this last week. The M.T.C. had a play that they put on for all the departing missionaries. They found me out in the hall with my companion and asked me if I would want to be in it. So I had a super easy part but I still had to memorize lines and I had like no time to practice but it was so cool and really nerve racking since I was doing it in front of a ton of people.

It's so hot here that I'm already tanning up. :) So my area is really nice. My companion and I are white washing which means we are both new to this area. We both don't know anyone. We don't know where anything is and we are learning very fast that this place needs someone to help the missionary work to move on. We love the members and all that they do for us.  My companion is SO organized and so obedient and so great and so kind! I love her.

Sister Scoresby in the California airport

Sister Scoresby

New Sister Missionary's from the California Ventura Mission

Enjoying California

 - Sister Scoresby

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