Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving With Newbury Park Misisonaries

This is a picture of all of the Newbury Park English Speaking Missionaries.
I am sitting on the left side. What a awesome group of people!

We even got Thanksgiving early! I am sitting on the left side of the table.
 My mission is getting better and better all the time!

-Sister Scoresby

Friday, November 28, 2014

Cute and Abominable

This is our zone. Sisters on one side and Elders on the other.  What a fun group of people!

 This is me by the great and abominable sin for a missionary. And it's right in our back yard!!!
 I get cold when it's in the 60's. I'm going to die when I get home.

This is my house and it's so cute! I love it. I will have to send you one of the out side soon.  As I said in the post Finally in the Field Our house is in the yard of a member! This is what it looks like inside the cottage down by the bottom of the Google maps picture.

Me and a sweet Porsche! everyone has sweet cars here!

-Sister Scoresby

Monday, November 17, 2014

Exchanging Fun

I'm going to have to send some of the palm trees and the mountains. :) Our house is cool and we are right by a pool that someday I am going to recreate because it looks so cool.
I'm really trying to focus more on others and it’s helped so much. The days are starting to pick up and I'm having more spiritual experiences. We had exchanges this week. What??? So I don't know anyone who white washes there first area (both companions are new to the area) and have exchanges one week after they get there and one week after they arrive in the M.T.C. I was scared that they were going to rate me or something and I really didn't feel like I knew what I was doing that or anything, but it was just the greatest time. We had the best experience and my exchange companion was just so much fun. She helped me realized that there more ways of being a missionary. She helped me have a great day and I'll tell you more about it in my letter but she just helped me see that it’s okay not to be perfect but to try our best. Like we took a wrong turn and ended up out of our area, but it was okay and we got back just as soon as we could but we laughed about it and she was just easy going and such a great friend. I love her. Her goal for me was that I needed to not be so hard on myself. I love that goal because all my other goals have been on how I can be better and when I don't make those goals it just kills. Well I'm changing my game now and I'm laughing with people and making jokes and Instead of doing the traditional door approach of " Hi, we're missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints" It's " How did you get your Ivy to grow like that, it's so cool." People are so much happier to talk about their ivy then to talk about religion right off the bat. I really like seeing what I can come up with. Like we met a guy who had just came from rock climbing and I thought that was just so cool! People just love to talk about themselves and they can open up. I love doing the work in a way that makes me happy and everyone else happy.
-Sister Scoresby

Friday, November 14, 2014

Greeny Dinner

A couple nights ago we went to a members home for Dinner.
Dad got a email from this member that night. This is the email: (Greeny means "Brand new missionary) 

We enjoyed your daughter and three other missionaries at our home for dinner tonight.  Since your daughter has only been out a week, we had to have our "traditional GREENY" dinner.  Green salad, potatoes, muffins, stuffed celery, green juice, green beans...all green.  We look forward to getting to know these two new sisters. They have been working hard and very enthusiastic!  Plus sincere testimonies expressed which come from their hearts.  
-Sister Scoresby

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Finally in the Field

I am staying in the cutest little house and I just love it. I should have taken pictures to show you but I didn't. Sorry. Next week you will get the works!!!  It's a little cottage and really only one room but it's like a little dream house. We live with a member pretty much because it's in their yard and just so beautiful! We even have a little waterfall.

               (Note from editor: This is a Google maps picture. I included this picture for Sister Scoresby's blog.
 These messages are clips from emails that we receive.)

Mission Logo
I was in a play this last week. The M.T.C. had a play that they put on for all the departing missionaries. They found me out in the hall with my companion and asked me if I would want to be in it. So I had a super easy part but I still had to memorize lines and I had like no time to practice but it was so cool and really nerve racking since I was doing it in front of a ton of people.

It's so hot here that I'm already tanning up. :) So my area is really nice. My companion and I are white washing which means we are both new to this area. We both don't know anyone. We don't know where anything is and we are learning very fast that this place needs someone to help the missionary work to move on. We love the members and all that they do for us.  My companion is SO organized and so obedient and so great and so kind! I love her.

Sister Scoresby in the California airport

Sister Scoresby

New Sister Missionary's from the California Ventura Mission

Enjoying California

 - Sister Scoresby

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rocking the MTC!

Boy, what a great day!! I almost don't know what to say there is so much going on right now! I'm just loving it and I just love my district and my zone! 

The first day was super exciting and really hard, but we were swept to our class room and started right away learning and teaching and growing and stretching and becoming successful missionaries. My companions name is SISTER VAN VULCANBURG. We had our struggles in the beginning but now we absolutely love each other and we are rocking the M.T.C! We both have a great way of teaching now and we fit each other perfectly! It will be so hard when she leaves to Canada. Both of our investigators are really great and progressing to be baptized which is super, super awesome. One of them has had one of the most terrible life imaginable and me being only 19 makes it strange that they are confiding in such a little girl. But it's so great to tell them stuff that makes them so happy and give them life giving hope. The light and happiness come into their eyes and it's just great! We felt to sing a song to one of our investigators and the spirit was so strong and she said we sounded like angles! She said there is a light in our eyes that she wants. She is like a mother and every time we have to leave she blows us kisses! She wanted me to thank you for sharing me with her and she hopes you receive blessings for it. I LOVE HER!!! She thought that after this life that there was nothing and when we told her that she could see her grandpa again the tears just came rushing and it was just so spiritual. The only thing that stinks is that we have to do it over Skype and it's just not the same thing. I wish I could meet her in person and give her a huge squeeze!  

I felt really inadequate to be here at first and I was struggling at times when I thought that I couldn't do everything and plan all the lessons get to all the places and be everything that I want to be, but now over time I've come to laugh so much and not worry so much anymore if everything isn't perfect and I'm a whole lot more confident than I thought I would be. It's really sad how many people actually go home here. 

Sunday was the best! Your spirit just needed the lift after a week of so many things running through your brain. I'm in the M.T.C choir and we did an awesome job on Tuesday for the devotional! We sounded just GREAT!!! The spirit is just wonderful and it fills you up. I feel so needed and just so blessed to have so many wonderful experiences and people who love me! We listened to a talk and it made me realized that I was too focused on myself and that I needed to turn more outward-- and it would solve my home sickness. And it has! The days are just whizzing by and they are getting better and better every day! We also walked around the temple all together and had the best experience and had a lot of fun doing fun pictures. 

I'm still up to my little pranks and I switched the elders name tags on their coats and it was so funny when it threw them off! Their faces were priceless. My companion and I scared our other sisters in our room by hiding behind the door. We are one huge family (our zone) and we just have the greatest laughs and the greatest stories. We get along so well. I wish you could meet them all! 

Tuesday we cleaned the bathrooms for service. THANK YOU MOM FOR TEACHING ME HOW DO DEAL WITH YUCKY THINGS and also the correct way to clean a bathroom. We did have fun though since we were all together (my companion and I and our two great sisters who I absolutely adore!!!). When cleaning the showers here you use power hoses and just attack the walls and use the strongest chemicals alive! It looked good when it was finished! I mopped and swept and my perfectionist side came out again. Talk about hair everywhere. YUCK! Any way, we made the most of it!

I've done a lot of praying here and I've learned more about prayer and praying for specific things.  The spirit does so much teaching here. I used to be worried that I wouldn't be able to teach very well. I was afraid I would offend someone, but the Lord has been working with me and so has my companion and now I can say it how it is. I've come to know what the spirit feels like and can understand what it's telling me so much easier than ever before. Every lesson, every study period, every time I pray and every time I read my scriptures. I love having confidence that what I'm doing and saying is of God and that it will be okay even though I don't see the outcome. Like just yesterday I felt that we needed to teach our investigator about the Sabbath day and she had a job on Sunday and I was worried that we would make her upset of something, but we taught her anyway and she is going to try and come this week! TOUCH DOWN!!!!  SWEET STUFF AND CRISPY CREAMS!!!! :) She still is planning on being baptized and is learning more and more to know her savior! 

I'm not staying as healthy as I would like. The cafeteria is good food, but the food is not healthy and it's just rough. I do the best I can and I limit my intake of sweets. I'm trying to drink lots and that's good but he water is different here so I've got a little rash but it should be okay. I'm not use to the dryness of Utah. My face feels like its pinching every time I get out of the shower and it's screaming at me "What have you done!!!!” It's great though! 

I love you Family so much and I just wish I could hold you all and take you with me on my grand adventure! KEEP THE LETTERS COMING!!! They make my day and I just love them all! I love all the great letters that you send me! 

I will maybe get to talk to you on Monday when I travel they said we can call our family so some time on Monday when I travel with the other 6 elders (should be fun) I will call you and talk to you for a few moments. I love you and miss you and thank you for letting me have this great experience! 

- Sister Scoresby

 When I first got to the M.T.C.

This is a funny picture that we took. All the single ladies and the strong missionaries putting away the natural man.

 Me and my place in space