Saturday, July 19, 2014

I Got My Mission Call! California Here I Come!

This afternoon I walked out yet again to the mailbox to check for my long awaited Mission Call. I pulled out the mail and low and behold a big white envelope with my name was there. I didn't now whether to cry or to laugh. It was finally here! I ran back to the house and told the family. I wasn't aloud to open it until we got my older sister on Skype so she could be with us. I couldn't put it down for the longest time. My future for the next year and a half laid inside that big white envelope. Where would I be going? Would it be out of the country or not? When would I be leaving? Finally the time came to open the priceless package. Sister Scoresby, you are called to labor in the California Venture Mission!!!!! I leave on October 22, 2014! It's just so EXCITING... and a little nerve racking. It's actually happening. I'm going away for a year and a half and I've never bean away from home more than a week and a half. This should be interesting :) I'm just glad that Heavenly Father picked my call and not me because then I know that it's the best place for me. California Here I Come!

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